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We and the MLA Records Artists are very big on Education in the Arts. We volunteer our time to work with the kids and school programs recording, teaching, workshops, and we donate equipment when we can

Unlike most, when we say Volunteer, we mean Volunteer ... we do not look for reimbursements for anything and any equipment we can find for a school or program comes out of our pockets.

Many times we find that schools can get by with what they have - but they may be missing a crucial piece of equipment such as a small mixing board; or the need to replace broken-down music stands; or even an elementary school in need of a variety of percussion tools for kids. These things are not priorities in school budgets.

If you would like to join our efforts, make a donation. This fund will be used strictly for equipment. If there's a tax deduction in it, we will get you a receipt when the funds are used; but you will certainly get some acknowledgement as to where your donation went or a "Thank You" from the school or program that it benefited.

If you would rather wait for something specific, let us know! We will contact you when we have something we really need your help with.

Thank You!











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We have re-established our corporate sponsorship program. Should your organization wish to participate, please Contact us for further information.


We DO NOT accept unsolicited artist material

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Formed in 1986 as a cooperative adventure by Creative Services Management, the Aztron Corporation, and Wintight Publishers; in 2003 MLA Records joined the mix and we are now known as MLA Music.

Although we removed ourselves from public listings years ago, the Jalyn Entertainment Group still remains a sustaining behind-the-scenes force in music and artist services in the international entertainment industry through referral.

The company is directed by Sir James Wright.

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